Einladung zum Symposium "15 Years of Equality Bodies – 27 Years Austrian Ombud for Equal Treatment"


Invitation of the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna and the Austrian Ombud for Equal Treatment to the symposium "15 Years of Equality Bodies –27 Years Austrian Ombud forEqual Treatment"

Ceremony for Ingrid Nikolay-Leitner

Thursday, April 19th 2018, 2–7 p.m.
Law Faculty of the University of Vienna
Juridicum / Dachgeschoß
Schottenbastei 10–16, 1010 Vienna

2018 marks the 15th anniversary of the implementation of Art 13 of the 2000/43/EG
Directive as a crucial marker for the development of equality bodies. The Austrian Ombud for Equal Treatment, which was founded as early as 1991, has been dealing with gender issues at the workplace since its establishment. The Austrian Ombud took over the obligations stipulated in the Directive and evolved as an equality body handling six protected grounds in the scope of work environment and access to goods and services. Ingrid Nikolay-Leitner, who almost by herself started to establish, develop and promote the Austrian Ombud for Equal Treatment in 1991, was also a founding member of EQUINET – the network for equality bodies celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Ingrid Nikolay-Leitner, the renowned longtime director of the Austrian Ombud for Equal Treatment, will retire in Mai 2018. On this occasion this international symposium will address some of the hot topics in the context of anti-discrimination law and equality bodies.

Should you need sign language interpretation, please send an e-mail to: ibk.gaw@bka.gv.at


Elisabeth Holzleithner, Professor of Legal Philosophy and Legal Gender Studies, Head of Department of Legal Philosophy

Nikolaus Benke, Professor of Roman Law, Head of Department of Roman Law and Antique Legal History


14:00 Welcome address by
Paul Oberhammer, Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna
Video message of Vera Jourová, EU-Commissioner

Sex Discrimination – a Starting Point for Anti-discrimination Law
Christa Tobler, Professor of European Law at the Universities of Basel and Leiden

Response: Towards Equality or Non-discrimination?
Daniela Bankier, Head in the Directorate General Justice and Consumers, EC

Intro: Standards for Equality Bodies – an Equinet Success Story
Anne Gaspard, Executive Director of EQUINET
ECRI-Standards: A Benchmark for Austrian Equality Bodies
Silvia Ulrich, Professor of Law, Head of the Department of Legal Gender Studies at the University of Linz

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Human Rights and Equality: What are the different Aspirations and Mandates?
Colm O’Cinneide, Professor of Law, University College London
Response: The need for values-led Equality Bodies
Niall Crowley, Equality and diversity specialist, former Head of the Equality Authority of Ireland

17:10 Ceremony on the occasion of the retirement of Ingrid Nikolay-Leitner, Director of the Austrian Ombud for Equal Treatment
Alexander Wrabetz, Director General ORF
Anna Sporrer, Vice-President of the Supreme Administrative Court
Sandra Konstatzky, Deputy Director of the Austrian Ombud for Equal Treatment

18:30 Reception

Accompanied by Ensemble eXtracello